Doctor Who 10th Doctor Potato head


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“””I don’t want to gnocchi.””He wears skinny suits and has a long coat. He has floofy hair and a Sonic Screwdriver. And he lives in the ground and has eyes all over his body. No, it’s not a genetically mutated David Tennant. It’s the 10th Doctor Potato Head!Each 10th Doctor Potato Head is full of Tenth Doctor, timey wimey, tuber-tastic awesomeness. And just like the real Tenth Doctor, we just want to pour ketchup all over him and gobble him up. Or something. The 10th Doctor Potato Head – one of our favorite mash-ups of all time!Product Specifications For Ages 2 and UpIt’s what would happen if David Tennant was combined with a potatoOfficially-licensed Doctor Who spudFeatures his brown trench coat, blue suit, red sneakers, Sonic Screwdriver, and messy hair!Made of plastic. YAYDimensions: approx. 6.5″” tall”


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